It is easy to experience at close hand some of the most spectacular scenery Norway has to offer by car taking the E 136. You find plenty of nice picnic areas along the road. Hiker may enjoy the scenic hikes through impressive mountains or alongside the river Rauma. Many tourists visit the famous Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road. More information about Romsdal

Måna Camping

6386 Måndalen


Longitude: 7° 26' 36.69"
Latitude: 62° 31' 56.49"

Time of travel

Trollstigen 30 min
Geiranger 3 hours
Molde 1,5 hours
Ålesund 1,5 hours
Kristiansund 2 hours
Åndalsnes 15 min
Atlantic Road 2,5 hours
Oslo 5,5 hours



The next city is Åndalsnes were you find many different shops. You may also visit the harbour and watch the landing of big cruise liners. If you like to see more of the great landscape around take the Raumabanen railway. It starts from Åndalsnes and takes you from the beautiful Romsdalfjord to the wild mountains. The spectacular trip ends in Dombås.
© Photo: „Åndalsnes“ from Steffen Hillebrand. Licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons



The scenic Trollstigen Mountain Road is very steep and consists of eleven hairpin bends. On top you find several viewpoints with stunning views on the Trollstigen Road, through the valley and on the end of the Romsdalfjord.


Geiranger (Mårak)

The Geirangerfjord is another beautiful fjord and it's landscape is listet on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Some big cruise liners like the Queen Mary II visit this fjord regularly. A lot of tourists visit the city. The nearby mountains and the fjord are less crowded. Here you find scenic attractions like the waterfall "The Seven Sisters".

Wasserfall Sieben Schwestern

„The Seven Sisters“

The spectacular waterfall is located on the northern side of the Geirangerfjord. Seven seperated streams form a scenic composition, when they fall almost 250 m down the wild rocks. Take a boat to have a perfect view.
© Photo: Esther Westerveld - Licenced under CC 2.0



One of the most beautiful cities in norway is the Art Nouveau Town of Ålesund. 418 steps will lead you to the top of Mount Aksla, where you enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view on the town. The smaller alleways can be discovered by a walk along Kirkegate and Apothekengate.

Ålesund Aquarium

Ålesund Aquarium

You find one of the largest saltwater-aquariums of northern Europe, the Atlanterhavsparken aquarium, only a few minutes by car from the centre of Ålesund. It offers an activity program with diving show, feeding the seals and the penguins. Children will have fun on the playground outside, but even more interesting is the Children's Playroom, where the kids are able to touch a living sea urchin, sea cucumber, starfish or others and study them close up.


Atlantic Road

Some years ago "The Guardian" declared the Atlanterhavsveien the world's best road trip. Especially recommendable is the part between Vevang and Kråvåg: The road meanders over bridges from one small island to the next.



Molde is the norwegian city of roses and of jazz. The Molde Jazz was established in 1961 and is Norway's largest jazz festival with more than 100.000 visitors each year. If you like to enjoy an breathtaking panoramic view over more than 200 mountain tops, you should climb the Mount Varden nearby.


Rauma Railway

Through wild mountains, sweet valleys and over rivers: The Raumabanen Railway takes you on one of Europe's most beautiful railway journeys. The trip starts in Åndalsnes, follows the green River Rauma most of the time to Bjorli or even longer to Dombås. Some photo stops are at Trollveggen and at the famous Kylling Bridge.



It is possible to start several hiking trips directly from the camping site or nearby in the Romsdal area. Even a short walk leads you through loveley meadows on some smaller hills. You can choose between different levels of difficulty, so that you find the suitable excursion for you and your family.



Near Molde you find the spectacular Romsdalseggen, a beautiful hike starting in Vengedalen Valley. There are three routes to the top of varying difficulty, but each takes you to breathtaking views, overlooking fjords, summits and waterfalls.
© Photo: Espen Aaeng - Licenced under CC 2.0



The impressive mountain wall is 1850 m high. It is Europe's highest perpendicular mountain wall and attracts many climber from all over the world.
© Photo: Tristan Taussac - Licenced under CC 2.0